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      any of you have written and told both My Beloved Lady and I how much you have enjoyed our poetry to each other and that you would like us to put it all in one place so you could see it all. Both of us have realized long ago how truly amazing, wonderful, and unique our love affair has been and how deeply it has touched both Lieve and I. And from many of your comments, we now know it has touched others as well. We wanted to share our love with the world to show that true love really does happen and that Faery Tales do indeed come true. So here they are. We hope that you enjoy them, but in that enjoyment please remember, they are ours, to each other. So please, don't take them for use somewhere else. They are copyrighted and although we want to share them with your all, they are still ours and very personal and we want to keep them that way. So, here they are......

      Celtic Button Lieve and I - A Faery Tale Come True

      Celtic Button February 26th 1999 - A Quest for Love

      Celtic Button March 1999 - For her name is Love

      Celtic Button April 1999 - For Lieve

      Celtic Button April 1999 - For Lieve, My Lady, My Love, My Life........

      Celtic Button February 2000 - The Butterfly

      Celtic Button February 2000 - Life's Joy

      Celtic Button December 2000 - My Knight in Shining Armor

      Celtic Button December 2000 - Perfection

      Celtic Button February 2001 - You are always there

      Celtic Button February 2001 - Life ~ and Love ~ past 40 ...

      Celtic Button September 2002 - How Can I Love You More?

      Celtic Button September 2002 - All The Difference

      Celtic Button December 2002 - Your Christmas Gift.....

      Celtic Button February 2003 - Twelve Roses.....

      Celtic Button September 2003 - You Came Into My Life

      Celtic Button February 2004 - A Flower of Flanders

      Celtic Button February 2005 - Have You Ever Wondered

      Celtic Button March 2005 - Three Cheers....

      Celtic Button February 2006 - Another Year....

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