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      Another Year.......

      Another year has come and gone,
      and the days just seem to slip away.
      But not the love I have for you,
      for it grows stronger with each and every day.

      There can never be enough days for us,
      for me to spend them all with you.
      There can never be enough time,
      for me to spend it all with you.

      If we had a million years together,
      it would not be adequate and a bit rough.
      Because if I had forever too add to it,
      it would still not be enough.

      There can never be enough time,
      for me to spend with you.
      But above all else, My Love,
      you have made my dreams come true.

      So we take what time we have My Love,
      whatever the good Lord has in store.
      And make the very best we can of it,
      from here on and for ever more.

      We will live and love or lives away,
      together forever, every single day.
      So all will know what true love is,
      and how it guides your way.

      So always remember my Beloved,
      my love is steadfast and true.
      And for as long as time itself exists,
      I will be in love with you………

      Copyright symbolPaul Gwynn
      Valentines Day 2006

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