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      You Came Into My Life

      You came into my life like a ray of sunshine on a summer's morning,
      silently, unnoticed at first, yet ever growing to fill all about me.

      You called to me, and I heard a whisper, so tiny, so faint, yet there,
      and I strained my ear to hear your voice call to me again.

      You touch me, ever so softly, as if you were a mere wisp of air or a tiny butterfly,
      almost unperceived, yet I could feel your presence near me.

      You covered me, like a cool and welcome mist on a hot summer's day,
      faint, yet welcome and refreshing, and I knew then that you were beside me.

      You surrounded me, like a warm blanket on a cold winter's night,
      soft and cuddling, and I could feel your warmth and your caring.

      You filled me, like a drink of cool water or a soft cool breeze,
      and I began to feel the depth of your love, and it made my heart glad.

      You nourished me, like food for a starving man or compassion for a hungry soul,
      and I began to know that you were real and that what I felt was true.

      You comforted me, and brought me solice for my pain, my anguish, and my loneliness,
      and I have felt you near me more and more with each passing day.

      You inspired me, and made me feel that I was indeed worthy of such a love as yours,
      and that after all this time there really was someone for me.

      And then you were here and I could at last touch you, and feel you, and hold you,
      and know that my dreams, my wishes, my hopes, and my prayers had all been answered.

      You changed me, changed me forever, and I will never be the same again,
      for I have never loved like I love you, nor ever known such love as yours.

      For that is the way true love is...... Ageless, boundless, filling the universe,
      and it grows and grows, ever growing, every expanding, ever present.

      I know, you see, because

      I loved you yesterday,
      I love you today,
      and I will love you for all of the tomorrows yet to come........

      For My Love
      My Beloved Lieveke
      Anniversary Day, 2003

      Copyright symbol Paul Gwynn
      September 2003

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