Odin's Castle

      For Lieve, My Lady, My Love, My Life........

      Have we met somewhere before, in a another time or place,
      Have I always known you, have I always seen your face?

      Have we known each other from some other time, that is now long past,
      To meet again in this time and place, together now at last?

      Have you lived within my heart as a dream Iíve always felt,
      And now youíve come to me, and my heart begins to melt?

      Have we laughed and loved before, in that long and distant time,
      Have you always been inside of me, in the canyons of my mind?

      Have you dwelt within my very soul, always there but always hidden,
      And now when the time is right, you have at last become unhidden?

      Have you come to me as a dream, yet I am not asleep,
      Have you come to take my heart away, and place it in your keep?

      Have we lain together, and loved, and watched the stars at night,
      Have I known your bodyís charms, and enjoyed itís secret delights?

      Have I loved you before time began, in some far and distant land,
      Have I always loved you, all the days, since before time itself began?

      Have you not always been a part of me, deep within my very soul,
      Always there, forever with me, even when I did not know?

      Have our souls become entwined together, never to be apart,
      Is the only sound we hear, just the beating of our hearts?

      Have we not become just one, to spend eternity,
      In warm embrace, ever together, in total serenity?

      Have we not finally found each other, after looking so many ways,
      To now enjoy the time we have, and the remainder of our days?

      Have we not at last been granted, what we have most wanted and admired,
      To at last live and love together, and to be given our hearts desire?

      Have we met somewhere before, in another time or place,
      There can be but one answer to this question we now face?

      Have we met somewhere before, in a another time or place,

      Yes, we have..........

      With My Love, Forever, Paul

      Copyright symbol Paul Gwynn
      April 1999


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