Edmund Leighton's 'Accolade'

      Budding Rose

      Twelve Roses

      At this time of year, many buy roses for their loves, but I wonder if any of them really think about why or what they mean. About the real reason that they are giving them. I don't know if there really is a special meaning or story behind this practice. But I do know that there is one for me. And I can tell you what giving them to you means to me. For me, each has a meaning and purpose, and the meaning and purpose for each to me is is thus…………

        The First - is for your Smile. Warm and enchanting, it can warm my heart on the darkest day, and put a smile on my face as I watch you. Always there, even in the darkest of times. Always there.

        The Second - is for your Eyes. They seem to light up each time I come into the room, with honest and earnest love. Opening a pathway to your heart that I have never seen in anyone, ever before, for all the world to see.

        The Third - is for you Compassion. Never have I met a more loving, caring, and as deeply tender a person as you. You always have a kind word, a happy thought, and a caring smile for everyone, and most especially me.

        The Fourth - is for you Laugh. Infectious and boisterous, honest and genuine. Whey you laugh, I laugh with you. I cannot help myself, even if I did something stupid that caused you to laugh. It warms my heart to hear it.

        The Fifth - is for your Kindness. So loving, so caring. You would give me the last morsel of food from your mouth, or the last drop from your cup and never think twice nor care that you had gone without. I have never known such giving.

        The Sixth - is for your Outlook. Always positive, never down and out, always looking on the bright side of everything. And no matter how down and out I feel, you always manage to make me feel better, to make things bright and new.

        The Seventh - is for your Gentleness. Tender cannot begin to convey the kind, loving, and thoughtful person that you are. The things you do, and the things you do for me, mystify me every day. Truly have I been blessed with you.

        The Eighth - is for your Beauty. It radiates from you like a beacon, shinning in the darkness and bringing sunshine to all who gaze upon you. A beauty that radiates from within, as well as from without, as true beauty always does.

        The Ninth - is for your Forgiveness. Never one to hold a grudge or even remember an unkindness done to you. You never cease to amaze me with your caring and forgiving nature, even though I know that at times, you have been hurt deeply by others.

        The Tenth - is for your Personality. Easy going, thoughtful, loving, gentle, kind, generous, tender, giving, caring, happy, warm, soothing, friendly, helpful, fun, and…….. Well, I could go on and on, but you know what I mean.

        The Eleventh - is for you Love. Never have I know love before, a love like ours. Never have I even fathomed the depth and breadth of the love that I share with you, that surrounds my world, and makes my life a truly wonderful place.

        And the Twelfth - is for My Love for You. It cannot possibly convey how truly much I love you, it is but a token of that love and a sign. That for as long as I live, and beyond, my love for you will always be there. Long after the roses have withered…………

        Not just on Valentines Day, but for Always……………

      For My Love
      My Beloved Lieveke
      Valentine's Day 2003

      Copyright symbol Paul Gwynn
      February 2003

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