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      Have Uou Ever Wondered?

      Have you ever wondered how we met, across the miles so vast,
      How we came to know each other, and the love we both know will last?

      Could it be that true love never really dies, but waits among the stars?
      To bless those precious few, to bless them with a love like ours.

      I know that we have loved before, in some long forgotten time,
      I knew you before I met you, in some unremembered clime.

      Was it in another world, or this one in days long past,
      That our love began to grow, and become so deep and vast?

      Didn't we live and love together, in those long forgotten days,
      And knew the love that we now share, before it came our way?

      Haven't we stood hand in hand, and watched an endless sea,
      And felt the spray upon our faces, or rested against an old oak tree?

      Have we not lain together, in love, in the grass underneath the stars,
      And lived the love that we now have, in that land near and yet so far?

      Haven't we always known each other, though often far apart,
      And known the love that we now share, and feel inside our hearts?

      Lived and loved before, across the ages and in more than one place,
      And known each other's hearts, across endless time and space.

      Our love has always found us, no matter how far apart,
      Because is lives forever, inside of each our hearts.

      No distance can separate us, or no time can be so vast,
      For true love will always find us, and bring us together again at last.

      For true love never dies, but lives within you and me,
      It fills the universe so vast, for all the world to see.

      It waits for those who find it, and are so blest by it like us,
      It is placed in our safekeeping, and is given to us in trust.

      We must nurture it and care for it and make sure that it will grow,
      And that way all the world can see, then all the world will know.

      That true love does last forever, and can never go away,
      It lives within each one of us, and brightens all our days.

      The love I have for you is vast, yet grows more and more each day,
      And I now know for sure, that my love will forever stay.

      So when at last, our days have past, and we have both gone away,
      We will meet and love again my love, on some bright and sunny day.

      For we will find each other, no matter how far we are apart,
      Because of the love we both have, that lives within our hearts.

      For distance and time cannot stop it, nor hinder it in its way,
      For true love will always find us, no matter how far away.

      It will bring us together once more, my love, to live and love again,
      For our true love will last forever, and forever it will remain.

      I use to wondered too, but now I know………

      Copyright symbolPaul Gwynn
      Valentines Day 2005

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