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      Life ~ and Love ~ Past 40 ...

      I was not a youngster anymore ;
      It felt as if I was way past mid-life
      And well on my way to infinity
      And that was how I had felt for longer
      Than I care to remember

      Then, a distant memory of times way back,
      Over the airwaves of the world wide web
      You came along
      And brought with you a surge of life
      And the fresh breath of new hope

      Unintentionally, but not in the least less effective
      You pulled me back into this world
      Feeling ~ oh yes ~ very intensely
      What I had been looking for ~ and never found
      When I was a young maiden still
      With dreams of a Knight in Shining Armour

      Deep in my soul, and beyond comprehension,
      I recognised in you what everyone wants most in life;
      Truth, honesty, integrity and loyalty,
      And a warm caring heart with no more longings
      Than for true love and devotion

      You brought into my life
      the rare and most precious gift of beauty
      That most of us believe extinct.
      You to me are living proof
      That true knights are forever
      And that it is never too late in life
      To meet your very own
      Knight in Shining Armour

      And I feel oh so blessed .


                            February 18th, 2001

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