Odin's Castle

      The Butterfly

      Safe you were.
      Safe, yet hurting from wounds, deep and painful, that you have suffered.
      Hidden from the world that hurt you. From those that treated you badly.
      Wrapped in you're cocoon, hidden, safe, and waiting. Always waiting.
      Waiting for the dream that you had dreamed for so long to come true.
      Waiting for the time when you could be you, you're true self.
      Waiting for the time when you could emerge safely, without regret.
      When you could emerge not in pain, but with joy.
      Emerge with happiness, with peace of mind, and above all, with love.
      Waiting until the special time when someone would come to touch you.
      To touch you in a way you always knew you could be touched.
      If only the right one would do it.
      You said you had always known him, his heart, his love.
      Now, you found him and he was here.
      Fearful, yet strong, you reached out and touched him.
      Was he the one you waited for. Was he the one to help you emerge.
      End the loneliness, the hurt you have known for so long.
      Yes was the answer. The time for your awakening had at last come.
      The time you had waited for, for all those lonely years.
      The time when you must emerge from you're hiding place,
      To risk the hurt, the hope of love, and enter the world again.
      Softly you came, silently and with great care.
      Reaching out, gently and tenderly.
      Fearful but strong, afraid but determined.
      Yet with great courage, you came, steadily and surely.
      You reached out to another with a gentleness and kindness never known.
      You touched another whose life had been like yours.
      You reached out and touched my very soul, and my heart melted,
      And at that very moment, your cocoon, your safety, your prison, vanished.
      And in its place, stood a wondrous and beautiful butterfly.
      Standing in beauty and vulnerability,
      The sun on your face and hope in your eyes.
      And I watched as you were finally allowed to spread your wings.
      Spread them as you had never been allowed to, yet have always been able to.
      Strong and colorful, graceful they are, and so very beautiful.
      You have blossomed into what I had always known you were,
      What others could not see but will soon come to know.
      So fly my love. Fly now and soar across the heavens,
      And dance among the stars where you belong.
      You are a joy, a blessing, and the most truly loving person I have ever known.
      You are the light of my world, the love of my life, and a mate to my very soul.
      If I lived for eternity, I could still never begin to tell you of my love for you.
      The vastness of my caring, the expanse of my undying love.
      For the joy, the happiness, and the sheer love of life that you have given me,
      I will be forever grateful that you chose to love me.
      Chose to share your life with me, to enter my world and be my friend.
      And in return for the gift that you have given me, prized above all others,
      I promise you that for as long as I live,
      I will love you, I will cherish you, and I will forever be
      the wind beneath your wings.

      For My Love
      My Lieveke
      Valentine's Day 2000

      Copyright symbol Paul Gwynn
      February 2000

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