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      How Can I Love You More?

      Sometimes in the nighttime, while dark shadows are still deep,
      before daylight comes, and I awaken from my sleep,
      I reach out to touch you, to make sure you are really there,
      to make sure the faery tale I live is real, and not just something in thin air.

      Gently I reach out and find you, so warm and soft lying by my side,
      breathing gently and quietly, while you dream on in the silent night,
      and I lie back in relief to know, that my dreams really have come true,
      that my prayers were all answered, when God brought to me you.

      I think of how I love you, of how that love grows deep inside,
      of how much you mean to me, and the pride I feel with you by my side,
      and when I think of how could I ever love you more,
      a voice inside of me cries out that I have asked this question before.

      And the voice answers back to me, with the answer I know so well,
      that true love grows forever, and its expansion is never quelled,
      it reaches to the heavens, and dwells among the stars,
      it fills the whole wide world, so that all who look can tell.

      True love is boundless, ageless, and fills the universe in which we live,
      it lights the world like a candle, and glows like the distant stars,
      it guides the sick and worried, the homeless, and the weary,
      and gives hope to all who see it, whether they are near or far.

      So as I lay back and close my eyes, and drift off back to sleep,
      I silently thank God for his gift to me, the gift who was placed in my keep,
      Who came to join her life to mine and endure all of life's strife's,
      to share her world and love with me, and with me to live her life.

      I cannot tell you of my love for you, for there are just not the words,
      no language can express it, no sentence could contain such verbs,
      for that love is vaster than the oceans, and higher than the sky,
      it is as long as forever, and it will never ever die.

      So just when I think I cannot possibly love you more than I do,
      when I feel that I will burst from all the love inside for you,
      when I cannot fathom loving anyone as much as I love you,
      when I cannot figure out how I could love you more than I already do,

      I Love You More………

      For My Love
      My Beloved Lieveke
      Anniversary Day, 2002

      Copyright symbol Paul Gwynn
      September 2002

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