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      Quest for Love

      In all those years past
      I learned that love was not meant for me
      that I shouldn't even go looking for it
      for it wouldn't cross my path;

      so I stopped looking
      and I stopped waiting;
      I gave up hope
      and let life pass me by.

      Then you came into my life,
      a real life knight in shining armour,
      the kind you only find in books of long times bygone
      and in dreams;
      and yet, you were for real
      and brought me back to life.

      You filled my heart with so much love,
      You brought back hope and life to me,
      and this without even knowing each other's face at first.

      And yet, at that time,
      I didn't even dare to dream,
      I didn't even dare confess to myself
      that I loved you ...

      It took a great shock
      to make me face the truth about my heart;
      It took the great scare
      of forever losing you,
      to confess my love to you ...

      And you didn't throw it back into my face!
      That alone was already a miracle;
      the sheer thought of you reciprocating
      what lay hidden deep inside my heart
      never dared cross my mind!

      You are a true miracle to me;
      You are my chosen one;
      You are the promised one.
      We are soul mates,
      and destined for each other.

      This match is made in heaven;
      this match is made above.
      With a love like ours,
      nothing can go wrong ...

      Happiness FINALLY awaits us!

      Copyright symbol Lieve Gwynn

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