Odin's Castle

      Three cheers....

      Looking back on days of old,
      When life was dreary, devoid of warmth;
      I thank the Lord who watches over me,
      For having brought you into my life.

      Since you, my life has totally changed;
      My days are warm and filled with Love;
      I look at you and see your smile
      And I feel blesses to have you near.

      You warm my heart and fill my soul
      And make me want to sing,
      With joy and bliss and happiness
      Far more than words can tell.

      You call me your imp and more of the likes;
      I call you the Man of My Heart;
      I won't give you up for anything,
      You're stuck with me, like it or not.

      I hope we have many more years to come,
      To share love and matrimonial bliss.
      Three cheers for my Paulie,, my baby, my Love,
      My friend, my Everything.

      I Love You
      Je t'adore
      Ich liebe dich
      Yo te quiero
      Jag šlskar dig
      Ik hau van jou

      Your Lieveke

      Copyright symbolLieve Gwynn
      March 10, 2005

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