Odin's Castle

      Life's Joy

      My darling, my sweetheart,
      My lord Odin

      Thank you so very very much !
      Not just for this second Valentine shared with you
      but for every day I am allowed to stand by your side;
      I want to thank you for everything ...

      You truly are the most precious, the most valuable, the most wondrous in my life
      and I will cherish you for ever
      I will cherish your heart and your soul
      and I will do my utmost to prevent you from ever hurting again ...
      I love you so very much.

      It is uncanny and beyond words, but still growing;
      from day to day growing stronger and stronger, even when it feels like I will burst;
      with every breath that I take growing more and more powerful and intense,
      defying all laws of what is humanly possible and imaginable

      until my dying day
      and I pray that we still have a lot of days
      shared in the warm embrace of our love
      I will be there for you
      at any time

      You are the Joy of my Life and I am so proud and grateful to be
      Your Lady

      Copyright symbol Lieve Gwynn
      February 2000

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