Odin's Castle

      A Flower of Flanders

      From the first day I met you, I saw what others did not see,
      the tiny Flower budding there, among the rocks and trees.

      They failed to notice the little bud, so tiny yet so fair,
      The one so very close to them, yet there were none who seemed to care.

      The poor Flower failed to thrive there, it couldn't even grow,
      For it to blossom someone must take it, and nurture it just so.

      The little bud had waited so long, to burst forth in unhampered bloom,
      Yet no one ever came to help the bud, or even give it room.

      But I saw the beauty there, just waiting to unfold,
      I knew what others soon would, one day they would behold.

      So I took the little Flower, and brought if far from Flander's fields,
      and cared for it, and loved it, and hoped for what my care might yield.

      And it began to grow before my very eyes, to grow so straight and tall,
      and then both far and wide, the little Flower could be seen by all.

      It bloomed and blossomed, and brilliant flowers appeared all around,
      the tiny bud had taken root, right there in that new ground.

      It grew and it grew until I thought it would touch the sky,
      The little bud had found a home, and I think I know why.

      For it knew at last that it was loved and that someone would always be there,
      to protect it, to nurture it, and to hold it always in their tender care.

      You my Love are that Flower of Flanders, come from so far away,
      into my life and into my world, to brighten every one of my days.

      To bloom and blossum so all the world could see, the beauty that you are,
      So others could see this beauty of Flanders, and the Flower from afar.

      The Flower who came to be in my world, who came into my life,
      Who came from that land so far away, who came to be my wife.

      No greater love have I ever known, no greater love could be,
      than that my beautiful Flower of Flanders, has brought and given me.

      To her I give my love and to her I give my life,
      To My Flower of Flanders, my beautiful and beloved wife.

      Copyright symbolPaul Gwynn
      Valentines Day 2004

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