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      Your Christmas Gift.....

      My lovely lady, you asked me what I wanted for Christmas,
      and I told you I did not know.

      I began to think and ponder,
      until my head hurt so.

      Then it dawned on me, you could give me no greater gift,
      the greatest of my life.

      Than when you came into my world,
      When you came to be my wife.

      So I want to tell you what I feel,
      and what my heart wants to say,

      That you give me the greatest gift of all,
      each and every day.

      Christmas is very special,
      yet no gift you could give would mean more.

      Or could surpass the one you have already given me.
      How could I possibly wish for more?

      You give me joy and happiness,
      no matter the worry or strife.

      You give me your love,
      that I will cherish for all of my life.

      So I told you, you need not worry,
      that anything would do.

      Because for me, Christmas comes every day,
      with each day bright and new.

      For the love I have for you grows more and more each day,
      and could not be matched by any gift or toy.

      So be still my love and worry not,
      your gift of love, each day brings me great joy.

      So for what else could I ask?

      Nothing my love,
      for I have all that I need in you.

      For my Beloved Lieveke, Christmas 2002

      Copyright symbol Paul Gwynn
      December 2002

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