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      ueen Gwynnevere's Chambers are the home of Old World Culture. This page will be changing often as more and more items and resources are added. I am moving my website to the Castle but it will take some time before I have everything in place and completely finished. I want to make sure it all works and everything transfers before I list it in the Castle. The link below will give you some insight into what to look forward to in the coming months. Along with Old World Culture there will be poetry, personal favorites, and some other surprises.


      Celtic Button Gwynnevere's Spiritual Garden

        Some of my favorite websites:

      Celtic Button The Chamber of the Bard -- The poems my Lord Odin and I wrote for each other ...

      Celtic Button Anne Bradstreet -- To My Dear and Loving Husband

      Celtic Button E. E. Cummings -- I Carry Your Heart With Me

      Celtic Button Lord Byron -- She Walks in Beauty

      Celtic Button Poem Source -- Poetry by Husband & Wife: Karl and Joanna Fuchs

        Sentimental, touch-the-heart poems for special occasions. Includes Love, Friendship, Anniversary, Baby, Birthday, Christian, Christmas, Father, Friendship, Funny, Get well, Graduation, Love, Mother, New Year, Patriotic, Teacher, Thanksgiving, Thank you, Valentine and Wedding poetry and more.
        Joanna, a professional writer, has been writing greeting-card-type poems since she was eight years old. Karl, a mechanical engineer, started out writing love poems for Joanna and branched out from there. Those that show "K.F." at the end were written by Karl. Joanna's end with "J.F."

      Celtic Button Cicely Mary Barker (1895-1973) Illustrator & Creator of the Flower Fairies

      Celtic Button Cicely Mary Barker (1895-1973) Her Art

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