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      The Ring of Old World Culture

      The sites that follow are the members of the Ring of Old World Culture. They are some of the best websites on the internet, and Odin's Castle is proud to have them as members of it's ring. The listing is in no particular order, the number only indicating internal placement within the ring and does not denote any ranking, special status, or preferred placement. It merely indicates the order in which they were placed into the ring and it can and does change. No significance should, therefore, be place upon the number before a particular site and it should be disregarded as it has no significance when visiting the ring.

      If you feel that your site is worthy of the high standards of the Ring of Old World Culture, the please feel free to apply by clicking here. There are a couple of requirements for membership. First, as always, the site must be suitable for all ages. This requirement is a MUST and will not be waivered and NO exceptions will be made. Secondly, the site must contain information and/or topics that concern the nations of the Old World. Other than these two limiting factors, any site that qualifies is eligible for membership. Your site will not be judged by any other measure.

      Now, onward to some of the best sites on the web.............

      1 - Odin's Castle of Dreams & Legends
      An Archive of History and Historical Resources. From the Dawn of Mankind to the Space Age and everything in between. All time periods as well as mythology, legends, folklore, King Arthur, Robin Hood, medieval, renaissance, crusades, religion, maritime, and just for fun sites.

      2 - Carcassonne - medieval city in France
      That 25-century old city in the south of France is the only full example of medieval fortifications in Europe. Take a look at that fairy tale, that came to us from the past.

      3 - SpanishIndex.com
      We are in the throes of developing a site dedicated to bringing our visitors the fullSpanish experience without leaving their computer. It encompasses all that is Spanish - from food , herbs and wine, to castles, art galleries and museums, from traditions, famous people and folklore.

      4 - Ye Merrie Greenwood Players
      The GWP site is where you can learn about the Greenwood Players, and what we do as a travelling renaissance theatre troupe. You can get information about where we'll be in the current year. You can also find out how to join the Greenwood Players. It is also the main on line source for information about Ye Merrie Greenwood Renaissance Faire. Who will be there, what you will find there!

      5 - Excalibur - Celtic Arts & Crafts

      6 - Esclarmonde

      7 - Wodan Still Speaks
      Inventory & study centre of the representations of the old pagan god Wodan on sculptured capitals of columns (and others) in romanesque and gotic churches all over Europe.

      8 - The Nine Worlds of Yggdrasil
      Navigate through Yggdrasil by selecting a World that hangs in the tree's branches or roots. The names of the Worlds and the wights that typically inhabit them will appear as you pass your mouse over the Worlds' icons.

      9 - Celtic Stone
      A site dedicated to the Art of the Christian Druids of Ireland, Scotland and Wales of the 6th-8th century. A resource to anyone needing computer design aids for Celtic knotwork or Celtic artwork in general. Hosted by Celtic One Design

      10 - Gers Ey Gošorš
      Gers Ey Gošorš is a religious and cultural organization that practices and promotes Heišni.

      11 - BIG Historic Buildings
      A reminder of the historic architecture, all around the world, that has been an inspiration to the many modern architects of today. Includes many pictures.

      12 - The Temple of Ares

      13 - Louis XIV - the Sun King
      More than 200 pictures and lots of information on French king Louis XIV (1638 - 1715). Here you can read everything about his life, his women, his politic and ministers, his castles and wars...

      14 - Wales: Home of the Red Dragon
      Croeso i fy lle (Welcome to my site) It is dedicated to the promotion of my Country and to all those Welshmen of Medieval times, who gave their lives in an attempt to keep my Nation Free.

      Ring of Old World Culture

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