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      The Ring of Odin's Castle

      Below are listed the members of The Ring of Odin's Castle. They are some of the best websites on the internet, and Odin's Castle is proud to have them as members of it's ring. The listing is in no particular order, the number only indicating internal placement within the ring and does not denote any ranking, special status, or preferred placement. It merely indicates the order in which they were placed into the ring and it can and does change. No significance should, therefore, be place upon the number before a particular site and it should be disregarded as it has no significance when visiting the ring.

      If you feel that your site is worthy of the high standards of The Ring of Odin's Castle, the please feel free to apply by clicking here. There is only one requirement for membership. That requirement is that the site MUST and I repeat MUST be suitable for all ages. NO exceptions to this requirement will be made and this requirement will not be waived. Other than this one limiting factor, the sky is the limit. Your site will not be judged by any other measure.

      Now, onward to some of the best sites on the web.............

      1 - Odin's Castle of Dreams & Legends
      An Archive of History and Historical Resources. All time periods including Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, mytholgy, folklore, legends, King Arthur, Robin Hood, maritime, aviation, religion, modern, world, and just for fun sites.

      2 - The Virtual Fooles Troupe
      A witty, humorous romp through the Comedy of the Elizabethean and Medieval Theater. Here be the place that doth Chronicle the Antics of a Troupe of Fooles, seeking Recognition, Patronage and Enlightenment set in time somewhere between Medieval Times and the pre-17th Century World.

      3 - The Marshmount Castle Estates
      Marshmount Castle was built shortly after the Norman Conquest and has remained more or less in the same family ever since. Read about its history and the vicissitudes of the family and its estates.

      4 - Rosalily's Renfest Regalia
      Minnesota Renaissance Festival information and photos, photos of my own renaissance wedding, personal poetry, humor, links.

      5 - Sir Clisto Seversword's Tome of Adventure and Knowledge
      A very large comprehensive Tome dealing with all topics from the Medieval and Renaissance periods such as faires, chivalry, armour,weapons,fighting,dragons,torture etc... all put into one location for easy access.

      6 - Rebecca Brandewyne's Ravenscroft Castle
      Ravenscroft Castle is the virtual home of New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Brandewyne. A tour of the castle, grounds, and village provides complete information on Rebecca's new and upcoming releases, and backlist titles. Also featured are her bio; a photo gallery; her Celtic heritage; her interests in Celtic-Pictish history and King Arthur; and tips for aspiring writers.

      7 - Bytes O' History Castle
      Did you know that the study of history does not have to be a boring activity? The halls of my castle are filled with 'freeware' and 'shareware' programs designed to make the learning of history fun! You can even play games online too!

      8 - Seeger's Art
      Traditional realist oil paintings in the style of the old masters encompassing many subjects. Computer-assisted graphics utilizing scanned drawings in many cases as well as various graphics software programs. The poetry wing pairs my poetry with my own artwork. More than half the links wing is devoted to links for youngsters.

      9 - Welcome to Kjell G. ┼berg's
      My interests: genealogy, old court records, the christening of Sweden - Ansgar and Birka, king Charles XII, the first president of US - John Hanson

      10 - Silvinisy's Lair
      My site is dedicated to dragons. Come and meet them, and while you are there, have a look around.

      11 - Maeve Silvermoon's Witch's Cottage
      Faeries, Friends

      12 - Ancient History through Historical Novels
      History is fascinating because we keep on making the same blunders (although the variations provide most of the fun). Historical novels are the most accessible and entertaining entry into the past, and you don't have to wade through all the economics and stuff you find in history books.

      13 - The Realm of Vanin
      Vanaheim are my thoughts about Norse mythology and runes.

      14 - Kristin's Kastle
      My page includes a number of short stories that I have written as well as one full novel and what I have of another one which I am working on currently. Also, I have a page full of writing resources, mainly for the science fiction/fantasy writer, which I have found on the web. There is also a page for names people may browse through to find a name for characters. I have a Voltron page too.

      15 - Merlin's Cave
      A medeval experiance.

      16 - Gamers' Keep
      A mixture of gaming information, game convention calendars, chat, and music.

      17 - Dolphinettes
      I am just beginning my site, and I am hoping to make this a site that will fulfil all your life's imaginations and fantasys.

      18 - Arbroch: Seat of Argyll
      Kim Headlee's page devoted to the Arthurian Legends, containing a bookstore of fiction, nonfiction, music, videos and audiobooks, favorite Arthurian and research-related links, and information regarding her forthcoming print novel, DAWNFLIGHT: The Legend of Guinevere.

      19 - Historical Mystery Homepage
      A comprehensive bibliography of mystery and detective fiction with a historical setting.

      20 - Dragonpaws' Keep
      A site for dragons and role playing, among other things... come see!

      21 - The Good Life
      You'll find a bit of everything here..astronomy, archaeology, sailing, my own paintings, chat with my cyberfriends, other pages I've designed...come and visit!

      22 - Arthurian Legends
      My site is for those who (like me) are hopelessly fascinated by these legends.

      23 - Morningstar

      24 - Wisdom from the Light
      This site contains channeled wisdom from the Light. It also has access to many other metaphysical webs. If running ICQ you can directly access me with questions. All legitimate question E-mailed will be answered by me and will contain channeled information to help you on your path.

      25 - Arms of Valor
      Swords, Armor, Shields, and More!Bringing weaponry of the past to the present. Swords, armor, and more from the Ancient Vikings to the Renaissance. We carry both battle-ready and decorative weaponry.

      26 - The Seventh Planet of MorganLaFey
      This is the world from which all things curious and mysterious come. Here you will find fabulous, devine and whimsical creatures and creations.

      27 - Friends of the Realms Guild
      FOR was established in 1995 on INN. We are a roleplaying guild of maximum 25 players, our current home being in Sierra's The Realm. We also test other gamesites for inclusion in our expanding game Realms...please see our site for more details...

      28 - Nakia's Space
      Nakia's Space is my family,games,tarot,horoscopes,music,poetry,photos,stories,silly stuff,scary stuff and so much more.Family fun for everyone.

      29 - Marijah's Bibliography of Renaissance & Medieval Europe
      It's a collection of pages containing an annotated bibliography of other sites on the web related in any way to medieval or renaissance Europe. I make my selections based upon historical accuracy (when appropriate), ease of use, and appropraiteness to my site.

      30 - Ian's Lunar Pages
      Robin Hood, Guy of Gisbourne and the White Goddess. A pagan viewpoint on a lesser known tale.

      31 - The World of Tryania
      My site is based on the world in my stories about Tryania, a place dominated by dragons and castles with knights and kings. Also available are some of my poems and parts of my book in progress.

      32 - Austin Leather Works Home Page
      We specialize in unique custom leather work and design. Medieval and Renaissance items, as well as sci-fi/fantasy goods.

      33 - Baron's Haven Freehold: Combining Ideologies of 15th C
      The home page of our corporation which was formed to research and define all aspects required and then impliment those deemed suitable to build an actual 15th century concentric castle and adjacent town. All within an environmentally balanced sustainable system.

      34 - My Snazzy Links
      This award winning site has something for all ages. Whether you want fun, entertainment, jobs, money, books, chat, music, business, travel, holidays, advertising, web tips, graphics, competitions, games, prizes, sports, shopping, romance - you name it you'll find it.

      35 - Rhowan's Fantasy Castle
      Welcome to my castle. There are many wonderful things to see inside the castle as well as in the forest that surrounds us. Enter into a world full of faeries, dragons and wizards. Enter the castle of fantasy.

      36 - Knightly Adventures
      This is a resource listing for all things about Medieval Times as well as for clip arts and fonts, which fit to history and fantasy pages as well as for Role Playing Games.

      37 - House Sovyn
      To be considered for entrance into House Sovyn, upon submission of this form, your application will be sent to the members of the House Sovyn Induction Committee for review. The review process, from the time you complete your application until your receipt of notification of approval for induction, takes approximately two to three weeks. If you have not been contacted at the end of three weeks, please get in touch with one of the officers, or a member of the Induction Committee, either personally or by escroll.

      38 - Ye Merrie Greenwood Players
      The GWP site is where you can learn about the Greenwood Players, and what we do as a travelling renaissance theatre troupe. You can get information about where we'll be in the current year. You can also find out how to join the Greenwood Players. It is also the main on line source for information about Ye Merrie Greenwood Renaissance Faire. Who will be there, what you will find there!

      39 - Projecteve

      40 - Lar dos Guerreiros
      Site created by Ricardo Graša and Eduardo Graša - to all, Knights and warriors in the world - we put all works relative to fantasy themes.

      41 - Carcassonne - medieval city in France
      That 25-century old city in the south of France is the only full example of medieval fortifications in Europe. Take a look at that fairy tale, that came to us from the past.

      42 - The Kingdom of Atlantica
      A vast world of magic, mystery, and imagination set between the realms of reality and fantasy. Meet Kings, Queens, Knights, and Dragons with every step. Enjoy your stay at the Castle of Alexandria as our guide, Jas, takes you on a tour you'll never forget!

      43 - The Indigo Realm
      The Indigo Dragon and his kindred cordially invite you to visit their realm of soft sculpture whimsy and other delights. Also coming in the near future: art quilts of a fantastical nature.

      44 - Turin's Keep
      Cory Nielsen's home page...including links and information for Dagorhir, TSR and TSR Online, Tolkien, fantasy literature, and other interests.

      45 - The Gloaming
      A starting point for exploration of the unknown, mysterious aspects of the world in which we live.

      46 - The ┼sene Hjemmeside
      This is a homepage from a group of Dutch Students. We are members of a student-club. We call ourselve The College of ┼sene. So we flirt with all the old Viking-gods and have a beer in between. Our president is Odin, 'cause he's the ruler. Heimdall is our moneyman.

      47 - Realm of the Vague and Obscure
      An online collection of Irish and Scottish folktales, legends and epic prose. Updated often with new stories. Includes a complete online edition of The Romance of Tristan and Iseult, Aucassin & Nicolette, and other medieval romances.

      48 - Lady In The Mists' Castle in the Clouds
      Features Scottish recipes, castles, shopping, history links, touring Scotland information links, learning Gaelic links & entertainment; Highland Games listings; My Utmost For His Highest daily devotional; Heart Tugs; Funny Side of the Street; and Genealogy links.

      49 - Louis XIV - the Sun King
      More than 200 pictures and lots of information on French king Louis XIV (1638 - 1715). Here you can read everything about his life, his women, his politic and ministers, his castles and wars...

      50 - Wales: Home of the Red Dragon
      Croeso i fy lle (Welcome to my site) It is dedicated to the promotion of my Country and to all those Welshmen of Medieval times, who gave their lives in an attempt to keep my Nation Free.

      51 - Fantasy Forum/Fantasy Keep
      Come visit the denizens of Fantasy Keep! Rest a while and browse through my list of books and authors. Write a review of a fantasy book. All manner of beings are welcome.

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