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      oin the men who "go down to the sea in ships". Here you will find Merchantmen, Whalers, Pirates, and Seamen. Captains such as Ahab, Kidd, Blackbeard, Bligh, and others are here as well. Here you will also find those stories of shipwrecks and sadness, of hurricanes and lost treasure, and of mutiny and deserted islands. Both fresh and salt water history are here. From the South Seas to the Great Lakes of America which are like seas unto themselves. From the far northern oceans to the seas at the end of the world in the south. Here then is the history of the waters of the world, and the ships and the men that sailed them. Cast off now, for the tide is high and there be a fresh wind at our backs................

      Maritime History:

      The Maritime History Virtual Archives

      Maritime History Citations for the OED

      Maritime History Archives

      Maritime History on the Net

      Scotish Fisheries Museum

      The Mariners Museum

      The Australian National Maritime Museum

      United States Naval and Shipbuilding Museum

      Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

      The National Maritime History Society

      Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum

      National Maritime Museum - Britain

      The American NeptuneNew

      United States Coast Guard Home Page

      Definitions & Mnemonics for SailorsNew

      History of the Submarine

      Celtic Button The Royal Australian NavyNew

      National Historic Ships

      The Clipper Ship

      John's Nautical & Boatbuilding Page

      Ships and Passenger Lists of the World

      Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology

      United States Naval History Center

      History of the Royal NavyNew

      Maritime Art and HistoryNew

      Brown Marine's Links Page

      Ships of the Ancient Greeks

      Woods Hole - The Early Years

      Mutiny on the HMS Bounty: A New Perspective

      Mother of All Maritime Links

      Great Lakes Vessel Passage

      Mystic Seaport

      Meanings of International Maritime Signal Flags

      The Marine Historical Society of Detroit

      Links: Maritime History and Archaeology

      Links to Other Marine Web Sites

      Schooner Man Home Page

      Maritime Links

      Mark Rosenstein's Sailing Page

      Maritime History on the Net

      The Age of Exploration:

      History of Antarctic Exploration

      Ferdinand Magellan

      Henry the Navigator

      Ferdinand Magellan

      Henry Hudson, Explorer & Adventurer

      Ferdinand Magellan

      John CabotNew

      Captain James Cook

      Vasco Nuñez de Balboa

      Francis Drake

      Inuit & Englishman -The Northern Voyages of Martin FrobisherNew

      Sebastian CabotNew

      The Mighty Clipper Ships

      History of Various Clipper Ships

      Northwest Passage's North Pole Expedition

      Polynesian Voyaging Society

      Mystic Aquarium

      Francis Drake - Determining Latitude Off California, 1579

      The Cutty SarkNew


      Northern Shipwrecks Database

      Great Lakes Shipwreck ResearchNew

      The Mary Celeste Mystery

      International Registry of Sunken Ships

      Ships of Discovery

      The Sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis

      Centre for Maritime Archaeology

      Nordic Underwater Archaeology

      The Shipwreck Net

      Lost Treasures of the Seven Seas - Forgotten Shipwrecks

      Queen Anne's Revenge

      The Wreck of the Edmund FitzgeraldNew

      S.S. Edmund FitzgeraldNew

      The Restoration of the Edmund Fitzgerald's Bell

      Submarines on Eternal Patrol

      R.M.S. Titanic, the White Star Line's Legend

      Empress of Ireland

      Empress of IrelandNew

      Australian National Shipwreck Database

      Minnesota Shipwrecks

      Whales and Whaling:

      American Cetacean Society


      The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society

      Sea Mammals

      Marine Mammal Hunts


      Whaling History

      A Brief History of Whaling

      New Bedford Whaling Museum Home Page




      Moby DickNew

      The EnderbysNew

      All There is to Know About Whales

      International Whaling Commission

      History of WhalingNew

      Whale Songs

      Cape Verdeans in the Whaling IndustryNew

      Pirates and Other Scoundrels:

      Pirates, Privateers and Buccaneers

      Pirates of Nassau Interactive Museum

      The Golden Age of Piracy

      Captain Morgan (Henry Morgan)New

      Pirates Providence


      Beej's Pirate Image Gallery

      Piracy and Privateers, the History of Maritime Piracy

      Golden Age of Piracy

      Piece of Eight - A Guide to 17th Century Piracy

      Pirates of the Whydah

      Privates and Privateers

      The IMB Piracy Reporting Center

      List of Famous Pirates

      Oak Island

      St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum

      Modern High Seas Piracy

      CyberInk: Pirates!

      Ghost Ships


      Jean Lafitte: Gentleman Pirate

      Lights and Lighthouses:

      The Lighthouse Hunter's Guide

      Legendary Lighthouses

      The World's Lighthouses, Lightships, and Lifesaving Stations

      Lighthouse Timeline

      Americasan Lighthouse Foundation

      History of the LighthousesNew

      History of lighthousesNew

      Ken's Lighthouse Links

      Lighthouse Getaway

      Alphabetical Index of Lighthouses

      Lighthouse Friends.com

      New England Lighthouses

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