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      hope your stay in the Monk's Cell will be a fruitful one. Here you will find the history of mankind written in our religious beliefs and customs. There are precious few resources on the web regarding The Crusades. That being so, I felt I should go ahead and list the ones that I have and I will add to those here as I find more of them. My original idea was to portray the history of mankind through our many and varied religious beliefs. But, as I quickly realized, that was not within my expertise. I have, therefore, chosen to list the various world's religions and let you explore them for yourself, learning the beliefs, values, customs, and differences of each. It is not my intention to recommend any particular faith, but rather to give you the information for you to make up your own mind about the history of religion. The placement of various faiths is by alphabetical order and no preference or prejudice is intended by placement. Some denominations had a lot of sources, some had few, others had none. If you know of one not mentioned, please let me know and I will be most happy to add it to the others if you will give me the source. I hope that your stay in The Monk's Cell will be fruitful. There are many pathways to God. I hope that you will find yours here...............

      The Crusades:

      The First Crusade

      Internet Medieval Sourcebook - The Crusades

      The Crusades Through Arab Eyes

      The CrusadesNew

      Timeline of the Crusades

      Understanding The Crusades From The Islamic PerspectiveNew

      Knights Hospitalers


      The Crusades and the Contributions of Islam to the West

      The Impact of Islam on Medieval Europe


      The Crusades (1095–1291)

      History of the Knights TemplarNew

      Medieval Crusades

      Timeline of the Islamic Crusades

      Knights Templar

      Holy War in Henry V

      Islamic Crusades vs. Christian Crusades, Who Should Own the "Kingdom of Heaven"?

      Myths and Stories of the Knights Templar

      The History Guide - The Holy Crusades>

      Chronology of the Teutonic KnightsNew

      Reconcillation Walk - An Apology for the Crusades

      A Bibliography of the Crusades and CrusadersNew

      Islam during the CrusadesNew

      Encyclopedia of the Orient - Crusades

      The Knights Templar

      Eugene III: Summons to a Crusade, December 1, 1154

      Button The Knights Templar: Warrior Monks

      Religious History:

      European Renaissance & ReformationNew

      Martin Luther (1483-1546)

      Official Documents of the Catholic Church

      On-line Primary Literature

      The Protestant Reformation

      The Early Church Fathers

      Pliny's Letters about the Early Christians

      The Order of Saint Benedict

      The Christian Catecombs of Rome

      Mary's Gardens

      The Jesuits

      Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies

      The Nicene CreedNew

      Voice of the Shuttle - Religious Studies Page

      Catholic Chant Home Page

      The CisterciansNew

      St. Francis of Assisi

      The Galileo Affair

      Creeds and Confessions

      The Franciscans

      The Council of Orange

      Icons - Their History and Spiritual Significance

      The Confessio of Saint Patrick

      Selected Works of Martin Luther, 1483-1546

      The Early Church

      Pelagius and Pelagianism

      Reformers of the 16th Century : An Online Study

      The Hall of Church History

      Saint Augustine

      Celtic Button The Celtic Christianity

      Religious Texts and Documents:

      Internet Sacred Text Archive

      Interfaith Calendar of Religious Holy Days

      The English Versions of Scripture

      The Koran

      The Dead Sea ScrollsNew

      The Latin Vulgate

      Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Documents

      Hill Monastic Manuscript Library

      Religions of the World - Christian:

      The Amish

      Assemblies of God

      American Baptist Churches

      Baptist Faith and Message

      Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

      The Holy See - Vatican Web Site

      The Old Catholic ChurchNew

      Old Roman Catholic Church

      Catholics Online

      Button The Order of St. Benedict

      Franciscan Home Page

      The Dominican Page

      Christus RexNew

      Catholic Encyclopedia: The Reformation

      The Second Vatican Ecumenical CouncilNew

      Catholic Information Center on Internet

      Celtic Christianity

      Celtic Button Celtic Christian Church

      Diciples of Christ Christian Church

      Church of the Brethren

      Church of Christ

      Church of Christ, Scientists

      Church of God

      Christian Reformed Church

      Church of the Nazarene

      The Greek Orthodox Church

      History of the Orthodox Church

      The Episcopal Church

      Anglicans On-Line

      Jehovah's Witnesses

      Evangelical Lutheran Church

      Jews for Jesus

      Lutheran Resources

      Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod Home Page

      United Methodist Church

      Resurrection On-Line

      The Mennonite Church

      The Mormon Church

      Orthodox Christian Page

      United Pentecostal Church International

      The Presbyterian Church Home Page

      The Religious Society of Friends - The Quakers

      Russian Orthodox Church: Early HistoryNew

      Seventh Day Adventist Church

      Universal Life Church

      Religions of the World - Non-Christian:


      Button The Asatru Alliance

      Button Asatru

      Button Asatru/Odinist OutreachNew

      Button Woden's Harrow: Asatru and Heathen Art

      Button Asatru (Norse Heathenism)

      Bahai Faith:

      Button Baha'i Faith

      Welcome to the Baha'i FaithNew

      The Baha'i World

      An Introduction to the Baha'i Faith


      Button Buddhism

      World Wide Web Sites for Buddhist Studies

      Buddhist Web Resources

      Buddhist Information Network

      East Asian Buddhist Studies: A Reference Guide

      Digital Buddhist Library and Museum

      Button Buddhism - A Wisdom Archive on Buddhism


      Frigga's Web

      Button Swain Wodening’s BlogNew

      Hare Krishna:

      Hare Krishna Home Page

      Button Krishna.org

      International Society for Krishna Consciousness


      Encyclopedia of Hinduism

      Hinduism Today

      Hinduism, The World's Oldest Religon

      Hinduism On-Line Lexicon

      The Bhagvad Gita, The Book of Life

      Namaste - Spirituality, Yoga, Hinduism

      Kauai's Hindu Monastery


      Links to Islamic Resources

      Islam and Islamic Studies Resources

      Islamic Foundation of North America

      A History of Medieval Islam

      The Digital Middle EastNew

      Islamic Traditions

      Muslim World

      Gardens of the Mughal Empire

      Understanding Islam and Muslims

      Tolerance In Islam


      Judaism and Jewish ResourcesNew

      Jewish Torah On-Line

      Button Jewish Virtual Library

      Button The Naked Archaologist

      Jewish Studies Resource Links

      Jewish Education Network Project

      MavenSearch - A Portal to the Jewish World

      Reform JudaismNew

      Center for Jewish History Home Page

      Messianic Jewish Alliance of America


      Sikhism Home Page

      Sikhism Guide

      The Sikh Coalition

      Understanding Sikhism

      Origins of Sikhism, It's History, and Texts


      Taoism and the Philosophy of Tai Chi Chuan

      Taoism Philosophy

      The Tao Bums

      A Personal Tao - Taoism Library

      Taoism Virtual Library


      Unitarian Universalism

      Unitarian Universalist Association


      The Zoroastrian Religion

      Traditional Zoroastrianism: Tenets of the Religion

      Religious Resources:

      The Religious ArchiveNew

      Inspirational Quotes

      The Shroud of Turin

      Religion in the Middle East

      The Story of Religious Controversy

      Resource Page for Biblical Study

      Biographical Dictionary

      Center for the Study of American Religion

      The Glossary of Religious Terms

      The Vatican Exhibit

      Religious Resources on the Net

      Religious Icon and Image Archive

      Religious Freedom Home Page

      Ontario Consultants on Religious Freedom

      World Religion Resources

      World Council of Churches

      Religious Electronic TextsNew

      Christian Classics Etheral Library

      Religious Studies Web Guide

      Resources in Theology

      Different Kinds of Christianity

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