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      or the serious Brother Cadfael fan's collection to be complete, this Series Soundtrack is a must. The music, composed, arranged, and produced by Colin Towns (there are a couple of tracks that are not his compositions), is taken directly from the series and has all the color and flavor of a medieval town. From the opening theme, through gregorian chants, faire music, to the end theme, the music "IS" Brother Cadfael.

      In fact, I personally enjoy it so much that I have a copy of the CD in my CD Alarm Clock, and every morning I am awakened by the Opening Chant of the Brother Cadfael series. I never tire of it, and often, now that I know it by heart, I can lie in bed, dozinig, and know exactly what time it is by the track that is playing. Thus, I know that I can either doze some more, or get up and get ready for work.

      I promise you, that if you are a Cadfael addict like I am, you will not be disappointed in this one. It is not widely available, but you should be able to find it either on-line, or most probably, you local music dealer can order it for you. I got my copy several years ago from a dealer in England, but you might not have to go that far. Anyway, get yourself a copy, and enjoy the feel of Brother Cadfael wherever you are. You won't be sorry. The tracks of the album are listed below:

                1 - Cadfael of Shrewsbury (Opening Theme)

                2 - O Filii et Filiae

                3 - Turn Thine Eyes to See

                4 - Merry the Dancer

                5 - The is No Rose of Such

                6 - Juggler's Stare

                7 - All Out of the World

                8 - Magnificat Anima Mea Domi

                9 - Flamed My Heart

                10 - Hidden in the Well

                11 - Sanctus & Benedictus

                12 - Veni Sancte Spiritus

                13 - Lumen ad Revelationem

                14 - Light of the Father's Light

                15 - Glover of Shotwick

                16 - High Above the Heavens

                17 - Salve Regina

                18 - Ave Maria

                19 - Cry Aloud

                20 - Falconer's Secret

                21 - Hail St. Peter's Fair

                22 - Perspice Christicola

                23 - Cadfael of Shrewsbury (Closing Theme)

      Brother Cadfael Series Soundtrack Album Cover

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      *SPECIAL NOTE ON THE BROTHER CADFAEL SOUNDTRACK: Thanks to information sent to me by visitor Mark Ritchie, The Cadfael Soundtrack is again available to everyone. Believe me, it is well worth the purchase price, which incidently is comparable to most CD albums. The sound track is now available from ArkivMusic. You can order the soundtrack by clicking here, and can be purchased for the very reasonalbe price of $16.99. If you are true Cadfael fan, get this one. It is well worth the price, and I promise you will not be disappointed.

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