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      din's Castle has been honored with may awards over the years. It is here in The Hall of Honor, that they are proudly displayed. I am very thankful for each of these awards and to those individuals that have bestowed them upon me. I have always felt that the truest test of one's worth is not how you perceive yourself, but how you are perceived by others. For in no other way can you truly find your true worth. Each award is linked to the site that presented it. Please visit these sites. It is the only way that I can thank them for their kindness and generosity........................Odin

      SPECIAL NOTE: This page and the ones that follow will no longer be updated. The sites and the URL's change so frequently that I can no longer keep up. I am very proud of each and every one of these awards, and should Odin's Castle be bestowed any further honors, they too will be proudly posted with the correct URL, but many of these sites no longer exist and trying to keep up is too big a task.

      4star Award

      The Castle's Very First Award - November 1996

      Castles of the World Site of the Week

      January 2, 1997


      February 21, 1997

      Best of the Net - May 1997

      May 22, 1997

      AAA Cool Site

      May 25, 1997

      SafeSurf Rated All Ages

      May 31, 1997

      Phoenix Gate Award

      June 4, 1997

      Cool Site of the Day
      June 6, 1997

      The Site Fights

      June 11, 1997

      Spirit of the Knights.gif

      June 13, 1997

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