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      Welcome to Gwynnevere’s page on Europe; a United Europe. This site aims to reach and - when possible - join all people interested in Europe, its regions and its people: History, Landscape, Culture, Folklore, etc.


      Motto of the European union

      United in Diversity -- That is the motto of the European Union.
      It first came into use around the year 2000 and was for the first time officially mentioned in the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe, which was signed in 2004. The motto means that, via the EU, Europeans are united in working together for peace and prosperity, and that the many different cultures, traditions and languages in Europe are a positive asset for the continent.

      The ultimate goal of the European Union is an ever closer union among the people of Europe, in which decisions are taken as closely as possible to the citizens; the objective is to promote an economic and social progress, which is balanced and sustainable, assert the European identity on the international scene and introduce a European citizenship for all nationals of member states.

      Flag of the European union

      The European Union has its own flag.

      It is the symbol not only of the European Union but also of Europe's unity and identity in a wider sense. The circle of gold stars represents solidarity and harmony between the peoples of Europe. The number of stars has nothing to do with the number of Member States. There are twelve stars because the number twelve is traditionally the symbol of perfection, completeness and unity. The flag therefore remains unchanged regardless of EU enlargements.

      Hear the European Anthem (02:07)

      The performance you can hear by clicking here is by the European Union Youth Wind Orchestra conducted by André Reichling. It was recorded in 1994 at the Teatro da Trindade, Lisbon. Musical arrangement: Herbert von Karajan. The European Commission thanks everyone involved in making this recording.
      All rights of the producer and owner of the work reproduced reserved.

      Europe Day is celebrated on May 9th.

      On the 9th of May 1950, Robert Schuman presented his proposal for the creation of an organised Europe. This event, known as the "Schuman declaration", is considered the origin of what is now the European Union. Therefor, the 9th of May has become an occasion for activities and festivities that bring Europe closer to its citizens, and people of the Union closer to one another

      European Union Resources

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      The European Union now counts 25 member states:

      Austria Estonia Hungary Luxemburg Slovenia
      Belgium Finland Ireland Malta Spain
      Cyprus France Italy Poland Sweden
      Czech Republic Germany Latvia Portugal The Netherlands
      Denmark Greece Lithuania Slovakia United Kingdom


      European History
      ~~~ Coming Soon ~~~

      TravelPage.com -- European Travel Destinations

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