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      The websites that follow are the members of the Ring of the Red Dragon. They are some of the best websites on the internet, and Odin's Castle is proud to have them as members of it's ring. The listing is in no particular order, the number only indicating internal placement within the ring and does not denote any ranking, special status, or preferred placement. It merely indicates the order in which they were placed into the ring and it can and does change. No significance should, therefore, be place upon the number before a particular site and it should be disregarded as it has no significance when visiting the ring.

      If you feel that your site is worthy of the high standards of the Ring of the Red Dragon, the please feel free to apply by clicking here. To join, your web site MUST, repeat MUST contain information on the Welsh or other Celtic nations, their history, language, customs and/or similiar topics. The Celts are the ancient and indiginous people that inhabit the following six countries: Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall, Brittany, and the Isle of Mann. These are the Celtic Nations and their motto,"Six Nations, One Soul", is also that of the Ring of the Red Dragon. All sites submitted for consideration must be suitable for all ages or your application for admission to this Ring will be denied.

      Now, onward to some of the best sites on the web.............

      1 - Odin's Castle of Dreams & Legends
      An Archive of History and Historical Resources. From the Dawn of Mankind to the Space Age and everything in between. All time periods as well as mythology, legends, folklore, King Arthur, Robin Hood, medieval, renaissance, crusades, religion, maritime, and just for fun sites.

      2 - Welsh Castles
      This is a subset of my British Castles site. It contains capsule summaries of every Welsh Castle I have visited (and some pictures). It should be pointed out that 'Welsh' castles is a misnomer -- they are (except for the few native castles built in defensive imitation).

      3 - Rebecca Brandewyne's Ravenscroft Castle
      Ravenscroft Castle is the virtual home of New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Brandewyne. A tour of the castle, grounds, and village provides complete information on Rebecca's new and upcoming releases, and backlist titles. Also featured are her bio; a photo gallery; her Celtic heritage; her interests in Celtic-Pictish history and King Arthur; and tips for aspiring writers.

      4 - Celtic Culture and Belief

      5 - Wales
      The best of Wales, Brand new site alot to come. Going to be many links and pictures.

      6 - Celtic Attic
      We offer a line of Spiritual Ware.Search our Spiritual and Olde Worlds links for a variety of information from the Ancient Worlds of the Celts to the modern Native American Indian Cultures. We offer no particular Religious of Political path. We are open to all who seek the knowledge.

      7 - Wrexham Cyber City
      A web site about Wrexham, North Wales. Providing links, History, news, Pictures, Email accounts, A message board and Free ads.

      8 - Welsh World

      9 - The Dark Ages: King Arthur and Others
      King Arthur and other dark age and medieval heroes who fought to save civilization and decency.

      10 - The Kingdom of Atlantica
      A vast world of magic, mystery, and imagination set between the realms of reality and fantasy. Meet Kings, Queens, Knights, and Dragons with every step. Enjoy your stay at the Castle of Alexandria as our guide, Jas, takes you on a tour you'll never forget!

      11 - Arbroch: Seat of Argyll
      Kim Headlee's page devoted to the Arthurian Legends, including a bookstore, favorite Arthurian and research-related links, and information about her forthcoming print novel, DAWNFLIGHT: The Legend of Guinevere.

      12 - Wales Index
      A guide to Wales and all things Welsh for the resident and visitor alike. Tourism, business, sport and leisure are all featured within the pages.

      13 - Cwmrhondda
      Portraits and Wallhangings knitted from historical photographs depicting the Rhondda Valley in the early 1920 onwards also the culture and history of it's people who fought to live and survive against the mighty coal owners. There are Family Crests and other interesting WallHangings.

      14 - Excalibur - Celtic Arts & Crafts

      15 - Caerphilly 2000
      The aim of these pages is to supply you with information about the town of Caerphilly, whether you live locally or are just visiting the area.

      16 - Wales Forever

      17 - Robert Harbison's Medieval History Page
      My Home page. Many Medieval and Celtic Links, some great photos and other information.

      18 - Merlin's Cave
      A medieval experience.

      19 - Christine O'Keeffe's Saint Patrick's Day Page
      Saint Patrick's Day history, customs, legends, place-names, and links. I have free electronic greeting cards too. Send one!

      20 - Sexton Genealogy
      The partial history of my wife and my families which has been generated over the past 4 years to give my children a sense of their heritage, which they completly lost by coming to Canada when they were 4 & 6 years old.

      21 - Knightly Adventures
      This is a resource listing for all things about Medieval Times as well as for clip arts and fonts, which fit to history and fantasy pages as well as for Role Playing Games.

      22 - Pat Fish's Tattoo Santa Barbara
      For 15 years Celtic tattoo artist Pat Fish has specialised in rendering the traditional Celtic art of the illuminated manuscripts and Pictish stones in human canvas. This site shows many examples of her beautiful work.

      23 - Photos by Eleanor: Photos from the British Isles
      Do you want to see your ancestral home? We have hundreds of pictures from the countries of the British Isles including your ancestral castles, homes, churches, etc. If we don’t have the picture you desire, we may be able to get it on our next trip.

      24 - An Introduction to North Wales
      A gateway to the history, culture, attractions, wildlife, genealogy and people of North Wales.

      25 - Time Travelers Quest for the Ancient Light
      Personal, ancient, and royal genealogy (mostly Brittonic and Celtic), historical, informative and whimsical essays, and related links.

      26 - Wales: Home of the Red Dragon
      Croeso i fy lle (Welcome to my site) It is dedicated to the promotion of my Country and to all those Welshmen of Medieval times, who gave their lives in an attempt to keep my Nation Free.

      27 - The Celtic Arts Center
      The Celtic Arts Center is a non-profit organization in Southern California that offers free classes in Gaeilge (The Irish Language), Cèilì dance, and hosts a weekly music session. They also do theatre, produce a monthly Celtic music concert series, and offer classes and workshops in a myriad of subjects from Celtic History to Caligraphy to Music.

      28 - Celtic Faery Grove Spiritual Teachings
      If you want to add a description for our site, it is: "Faery spiritual teachings on Celtic Christianity, the Holy Grail, and the return of King Arthur."

      29 - Celebrate Wales
      A virtual encyclopaedia of Wales & the Welsh. Everything one wants to know about Wales & the Welsh for all Welsh everywhere or for anyone who is interested in anything Welsh.

      30 - Mistai's Horse Heaven Hills
      Horses, Native American & Celtic Healing; Animal spirit guides; NA & Irish geneology & links.

      31 - Grandi Castelli gallesi/Great Castles of Wales
      This homepage is my tribute to the country that has the finest and purest examples of fortified medieval architecture: the Castles of Wales. Here you will find the pictures, plans and history of some of the largest and important of those. The castles that you can visit on this site are just a little part of the many powerful fortifications located in Wales (the country counts more than 400 castles!), this is only my suggestion for a historical journey through the region: when you pass through the green landscapes of Wales the fortresses themselves will attract your attent with their high and magnficent walls.

      32 - William Burt's The King of the Trees
      This site showcases author William D. Burt's popular "King of the Trees" fantasy series, beginning with the first book by that title. Characters in Burt's fantasy world of "Lucambra" (Llwcymru) speak "Lucambrian" (Llwcymraeg), which is actually the language of Wales. More Welsh language appears in the sequels. The site features a scan of the book's colorful cover; a plot synopsis; several excerpts; reader reviews and a brief biography of the author, including information on his Welsh roots.

      33 - Dr Iain Old's Scottish Politics
      Scottish political site including recent election results and maps, e.mail addresses and web pages of MPs, discussion of the Constitutional Crisis and links to other political pages.

      34 - missgien.net
      Missgien.net is a personal website containing The Arthurian Legend, Celtic and Neolithic information and a Misc department with (a.o.) Legends in Movies.

      35 - Realm of the Vague and Obscure
      Online library featuring celtic folktales, legends and epic prose. Includes a number of medieval romances. Updated regularly.

      36 - Of Dragons and Daffodils
      On the eighth day, God created Wales! From 1000BC to the present. Owain Glyndwr's fight for Independence. Prince Madoc's Discovery of the New World.

      37 - The Ruin and Conquest of Britain
      My site is a history of Britain in the the 5th and 6th centuries. This is the time after the Romans left when the Welsh lost most of the Island to the English, and, of course, the time of the "real King Arthur". My history is unusual in that it is told using only quotations from the primary sources, with surprisingly few omissions or modifications.

      38 - The Mabinogi
      My own translation of the Mabinogi, which is not complete but I am working on it when I have time.

      39 - Lady In The Mists' Castle in the Clouds
      Features Scottish recipes, castles, shopping, history links, touring Scotland information links, learning Gaelic links & entertainment; Highland Games listings; My Utmost For His Highest daily devotional; Heart Tugs; Funny Side of the Street; and Genealogy links.

      40 - Vortigern Studies
      Vortigern Studies spans the period between the Romans and King Arthur. It deals with the fifth century as a whole in general, but with the middle in particular, especially the years 425x455, which is considered by most people to have been the reign of Vortigern.

      41 - Boyds Old Maps
      Antique effect maps of the ancient Celtic Kingdoms of Scotland, Ireland, Alba, Dalriada, Arthurian Britain. Printed from hand drawn masters.

      42 - Masons Blue Apples 681
      Before you enter this site please take time to clear your mind Please prepare to be sent into a world of mystery Do not dismiss these pages as fantasy If you have but a short time please return.

      43 - Welsh Choir of Southern California

      44 - The Home Page of Sidney John Watkins
      From Welsh to Canadian genology,from Manx radio links to the Montréal St David's Society. If your interests are old trams and trains you can find pictures and stories on Prague's trams or see the Wakefield Quebec Canada steam train line, also pics I've taken of Welsh narrow gauge steam train.

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