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      e courteously invite you into the Great Hall and our vast array of Medieval Historical sources and resources from thoughout the world. At first, I tried to separate them into the Dark Ages, Medieval, and Renaissance time periods, but there was far too much overlap. Sometimes, the distinction between different periods was vague at best. Then again, since this period is normally taken together I decided to group them together and let you, the visitor, explore them at your will, letting you separate them as you wish. You will find the Crusades and Religious history of this period located in the Monks Cell. Now, let us turn to the days of legend, romance, and chivalry.................

      Medieval History:

      The Chronology of Medieval EuropeNew

      Medieval Timeline Reference

      Celtic Button The Classics Page

      Vortigern Studies: British History 400-600

      The Bayeux Tapestry

      History of Norman ConquestNew

      Eyewitness to History

      Medieval GlossaryNew

      Conquest and Resistance - England 1066 to 1088

      The Normans

      Authenticity-Oriented Medieval and Renaissance Reenactment/Living History Groups

      Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

      An Anglo-Saxon Reader

      An Anglo-Saxon Bibliography

      Early British Kingdoms

      Regia Anglorum

      Maid of Heaven - The History of Joan of Arc

      Anglo-Saxon Culture

      Adventus Saxonum

      Feudal Life in the Middle Ages

      Renaissance - The Elizabethan World

      Medieval & Renaissance Fact & Fiction

      Explore the Renaissance

      Renaissance Europe

      Renaissance Society of America

      RENAISSANCE forum

      Oklahoma University Medieval & Renaissance Studies

      Virtual Renaissance

      The Art of Renaissance Science

      European Renaissance & Reformation

      Plague and Public Health in Renaissance Europe

      Medieval and Renaissance Web Sites

      Images of Renaissance & Baroque Architecture

      Medieval & Renaissance Wedding Information Page

      Monarchs of Europe

      Royalty in History

      Tudor History

      Anthology of Middle English Literature (1350-1485)

      Henry VIII (1491-1547)

      The Doomsday Book - Online

      Lady Jane Gray - Queen of England for Nine Days

      The Age of King Charles VNew


      Old English ResourcesNew

      Medieval and Prehistoric Northern Europe

      The Camelot Project - Medieval Studies Project of the University of Rochester

      A History of Medieval Islam

      The Bodlien Library of Oxford University

      The Labyrinth - Medieval Studies Project of Georgetown University

      The ORB - On-Line Reference Book for Medieval Studies

      Medieval Lecture List

      Medieval Resources

      NetSERF - Medieval Resources on the Net

      Directory of Royal and Noble Genealogical Data

      Mythical Plants of the Middle Ages

      Links to the Middle Ages

      Website of Unknowing

      The Tower of London

      The Hundred Years War, 1336-1453

      Worlds of Late Antiquity

      University of Toronto Center for Medieval Studies

      Medioevo Italiano

      Fools Are Everywhere: The Court Jester Around the World

      The Richard III Foundation

      Internet Medieval Sourcebook

      Ravensgard Home Page

      Byzantine & Medieval Studies Sites

      Celtic Button A Boke of Gode Cookery

      The Medieval Academy of America

      Historical Text ArchiveNew

      Gaelic and Gaelic Culture

      Medieval WorldNew

      Planets and Their Children - Medieval Astrology

      History Index of Medieval Europe

      The Dark AgesNew

      Listing of Medieval Discussion Groups on the Net

      Sir Clisto's Tome of Adventure & Knowledge

      Medieval Resources

      Venice History

      World Cultures to 1500

      The Age of Enlightenment

      Culture of Medieval Poland

      Medieval Movies

      El Cid

      The Lay of the Cid

      Thoughts on Reading El Cid

      The Society for Creative Anachronism

      Histrenact - The Historical Reenactment Web Site

      Reenactor Net

      Heraldry & Chivalry:

      A Display of Heraldrie by John Guillim (c1551-1621)

      Heraldic Clipart

      History of Orders of Chivalry

      The Medieval Knight

      Heraldry, Coats of Arms and Crests

      Celtic Button Brazilian Heraldic Art

      Heraldry on the Internet


      Francois Verde's Heraldry Site

      The Realm of Chivalry

      Therion's Armor and Weapons Page

      English War Bow Society

      A Brief History of ArcheryNew

      The Medieval English Longbow

      The Medieval English Longbow Arrows

      Saxon Archery

      Ancient & Medieval Falconry: Origins & Functions in Medieval England

      The Decline of the Longbow

      Medieval Crossbows

      Castles & Architecture:

      Castles of the World

      Medieval Castles

      Castles and Palaces of the World

      Scottish Castles

      The Castles of Wales

      The Castles of Britain

      Medieval Architecture

      Castles on the Web

      Ian's Land of Castles

      Images of Medieval Art & Architecture

      Castles of the Middle Ages

      Daily Life:

      Medieval and Renaissance Games Home Page

      Medieval Life

      Medieval Names ArchiveNew

      Celtic Button Medieval Clothing.com

      A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments

      Virtual Renaissance Faire

      Footwear in the Middle Ages

      Alcoholic Drinks of the Middle Ages

      Medieval Drama Links

      Renaissance Faire Homepage

      Celtic Button Crafty Renfairenuts

      Gode CookeryNew

      Ravensgard Costuming and Textiles Page

      Medieval & Renaissance BrewingNew

      The White Company

      Knights And Armor

      Medieval & Renaissance DanceNew

      Medieval & Renaissance MusicNew

      Medieval and Early Music

      Renaissance and Baroque Music Links

      Anglo-Saxon and Viking Music and Verse

      The Index of Medieval Medical Images (IMMI) and the Graphic IMMI

      Timeless History of Tapestries & Wall Hangings

      Texts and Manuscripts:

      The Magna CartaNew


      John Foxe's Book of Martyrs

      The On-Line Medieval and Classical Library

      Medieval Latin Online Textbook

      The Charrette Project - Medieval Manuscript Tradition of Princeton Universitiy

      Anthology of Middle English Literature

      Shakespeare Papers.com

      Anglo-Saxon England, A Guide to Online Resources

      Complete Works of William Shakespeare

      Collected Works of William Shakespeare

      The Virtual Fooles Troupe

      Electronic Text Centers Middle English Collection

      Literary Resources - Medieval

      Literary Resources - Renaissance

      Internet Classics Archive

      The Edmund Spenser Home Page

      Voice of the Shuttle - Resources in the Humanities

      Chaucer's Canterbury Tales



      Ages of Alchemy

      The Alchemy WebNew

      The Alchemy Virtual Library

      What is Alchemy?New

      Alchemy Lab

      Alchemiae Basica

      Alchemy Web Sites

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